5 Most Common Moving Questions

1. What is your availability and how soon must I book a mover?

Answer: We Pride ourselves on being able to perform last minute moves. If we can’t fit you in we will send you to another reputable mover, a “friendly competitor”

2. How much packing should I do and how much money will is save me to do it myself?

We are the professionals professional. We pack for the utmost protection and ship anywhere in the world antiques, fine artwork delicate collectables as well as machinery and household goods. in the world. We can professionally pack as much of your precious items as you would like, and be sure they are fully protected. Packing cost are based on time and material so the more you do the less it will cost you…… unless your packing is deficient and results in damaged items. Our motto “You have enough to do, Let us pack!”

3. How do you protect my items from damage?

When we oversee your move, all of your larger items will be wrapped and/or padded prior to leaving the home. Furniture, Pictures, paintings, Art work, tv’s etc …. All smaller items will be wrapped and packed in boxes. When the truck is packed the load will be securely strapped for transport. With the limited movement and padding the risk if scratch, denting and breakage is minimal.

4. Are you licensed?

To professionally move household goods, you are required by law to have “Moving Authority” from each state you move to and from. This means you are registered with the department of transportation and consumer protection and your fees are listed and adhered to. You cannot negotiate your fees and must charge your hourly rate for the men and vehicles you use. The is no discounting or adding to the rate the only additional cost would be for packing material, I.E. bubble wrap, boxes and the time at the registered rate.

5. What should I do to make the move go as well as possible?

Most importantly is to be ready with all your items and make sure your closing date and time are set in stone. Make sure you have disconnected all appliances prior to the moving day and direct the crew as to where in the new home everything goes. We want to keep the process moving and momentum going forward as much as you do.