How will my things be protected during my move?

One of the biggest questions that comes up at is how will you protect my things? The short answer is we take care of your things as if they were our own. We have a historic record of practically ZERO% “at fault” packing error. Our latest rate is 0.27 %.

The reason our breakage rate is so low is because we have a very specific process of packing your furniture and items.

  1. We wrap your furniture or items in a multi-layer paper blanket using acid free tissue, and then put into a custom double wall corrugated container. (packing materials are placed inside the double wall for added protection). Making the unit 5-7 times stronger than a single wall corrugated container.
  2. Sometimes depending on the item, we use custom molded foam or foam in place. This provides significant cushioning and protection of the item, and when expanded foam takes on the shape of the object and creates a “mold” of the object.
  3. In some instances, we can use bubble wrap to protect your belongings.

After we finish wrapping and packing your belongings they are placed and secured onto a pallet and shipped to the desired destination.

When determining the packing level, our staff is trained to be diligent and always follow our procedures to insure a successful move.

When considering your moving strategy, take into account the time and effort required in packaging your belongings the right way. You may rethink the whole I can probably just do this myself.