When everything goes right Moveall.com

When everything goes right. Sometime mistakes Happen anyway?

“What happens if something breaks?”, is a question we hear from clients at Move Mom and More.  The story below illustrates an example of how we respond to our mistakes.

One Friday afternoon our crew at Moveall.com was moving an elderly woman into Brookdale Assisted Living facility in West Hartford CT.

The crew packed all her belongings into the truck, unloaded the truck, moved everything into her new apartment, and set up the rooms.

In our pre-move meeting with the family, we learned that the client relied on her TV and making sure it was set up was important.  We finished the move late in the day, met with the client’s daughter to make sure everything was up to standard.  She was happy with the job, tipped the crew and we said our good byes.  The cable guy was scheduled to come at 8:00, once he had completed his task they realized the TV Screen was cracked.  Unfortunately, even though the crew thought they packed the TV properly Plasma’s are very thin and when they secured the TV with a tie down in the back of the truck it cracked the screen.  Something that couldn’t be seen unless the TV was turned on.

The daughter called around 8:30 pm while I was out to dinner with friends.  She explained the problem and was worried as she was leaving the next day back to NC.  I told her not to worry, I would be there in the morning to replace the TV.  She told me it needed to be replaced tonight as her mother would be very upset if the TV wasn’t working. I told her I wouldn’t be able to get there but told her that there was a Best Buy down the road and if she could get the TV I would reimburse her fully for it. She was able to get the TV replaced. The cable guy came back hooked it up, and as far as the mother was concerned all was good. I met the daughter the next morning and wrote her a check for $500.00 and removed the old TV and box.  She was happy with the outcome of the situation and made her flight back to NC.

About a month later I was at a networking meeting speaking with a group of people when the Executive Director of Brookdale Assisted Living facility tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could speak with me privately. As I stepped away from the group she said” do you know why we do business with your company?” I said, “I hope because we do a good job!” she replied, ” Because you do a great job!” and brought up the story I just told you about. She told me how the Daughter called her the next day after she returned home to North Carolina and told her what had happened with the TV.  She went on to say, “he just went ahead and replaced the TV with no argument or questions asked”.

Everyone makes mistakes, we pride ourselves on how it gets handled.  Moveall.com is a service business that prides ourselves on making sure our clients have an easy and successful moving experience.

As an aside, we have created a new protocol to pack and protect TV sets.