Why choose Moveall for your move? 1 reason: our amazing staff!

What is the difference in moving companies and why should you choose one over another? The short answer is:

The quality of the individuals working for the company you choose, as ultimately they work for you.

Moveall.com is a 70-year-old moving and storage company located in Manchester, CT, and Charlotte NC.  The company continues to operate and be successful because of quality. Competitive pricing, YES, Best value Absolutely! The “best price” is rarely the best value. The quality of our service, the overall care and level of professionalism of our staff is the reason people hire us. Much of our business today comes from referrals and that fact is a testament to the people of Moveall.com.

We only use our own, W2 employees and never hire temps, day laborers or subcontractors.  We are fully insured and licensed, our movers are trained in the technical aspect of how to pack, load and unload trucks to secure the utmost care for the items.  Just as importantly everyone is required to truly understand the personal side of the job, I.E. the customer.  We “get” that moving is stressful and that the individual usually has a lot on their plate during the process.  It is an inherent part of our job to make it easy for clients to hire us, work with us and be totally comfortable with how their items are moved into and set up in their new residence prior to leaving.  Before our job is complete we will ask, “are you sure there is nothing else we can do to make it easier for you to unpack and be comfortable in your new home.”

Professional service, quality people and the best value, that is what you get from Moveall.com.